Who We Are

At Central Bark Pet Styling, our mission is to make sure that your dog has a positive experience each and every visit.

It’s very important to us that your dog goes home looking fantastic. But is is even more important that your dog goes home feeling happy and loved. We believe that apart from you and your family, no-one loves your dog more than we do. All dogs are treated with love and kindness and their individual needs are catered to on a case by case basis. When it comes to our beloved pets, there is no such thing as one size fits all.

Some dogs will be nervous when they arrive, there are many reasons for this, maybe its because you’re nervous, maybe they have had a less than wonderful experience before, maybe they think that they’re at the vet’s, maybe they just hate water! But whatever the reason, we hope that next time they arrive, they’re a little less nervous. There is no better feeling for a groomer than for a dog we groom to run up and greet us when they see us on the street.

Meet the owner...


She's a member of...

Debbie has been involved with animals for well over over 35 years now

She has been a dog breeder, a horse breeder and trainer and a dog trainer, but has been an animal lover throughout and is now living her life long dream of working with dogs every day. She is qualified in the following…

  • Certificate IV in Dog Grooming
  • Diploma in Dog Grooming
  • Diploma in Canine Training Psychology
  • Diploma in Canine Behaviour Training
  • Diploma in Animal Psychology
  • Diploma in Dog Behaviour & Training
  • Diploma in Dog Training
  • Diploma in Pet Nutrition
  • Diploma in Canine Holistic Healing and Therapy
  • Dog First Aid & CPR
  • Pet First Aid & CPR

Meet The Team...

Mel - Salon Manager

Dog Bather / Groomer

Having successfully managed several businesses, Mel is our salon manager as is fulfilling her dream of becoming a dog groomer.

Having had a successful career as a chef and restauranteur, and a classical musician, Mel is devoting the rest of her working life to canine care.



Victoria has just completed a Certificate III in Animal Care and Handling and has a love of all animals, in particular, dogs.

Victoria is an accomplished groomer, who specializes in teddy-bear style grooms.

Victoria says she loves coming to work every day and seeing all the happy, smiling dogs and learning new skills.


Dog Bather/Trainee Groomer

Shelby has just finished year twelve and is very excited to be working with dogs.

Shelby is working as a dog bather and is fine tuning her grooming skills.

Shelby loves dogs, almost as much as she loves her pet chicken!


Weekend Dog Bather / Trainee Groomer

Alicia is completing year 12 at college, but has shown a real aptitude for dog grooming.

The dogs are always relaxed around Alicia as they appreciate her quiet and gentle manner. 

Give Your Dog A Pampering

Short haired or long haired, old or young, quiet or quite crazy all dogs benefit from regular grooming, and with today's hectic lifestyle, its one job you probably just don't really have time for.

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