New Dog Laws In The ACT

Just in case you hadn’t heard, new dog laws were recently introduced in the Territory. Make sure you know where you can and cannot have your dog/s off lead and make sure you always pick up after your dog and carry poop bags at all times.  More information can be found at

Long Claws And Their Many Perils

Dogs claws, or nails, are one of the most important parts of the groomer’s job. Whilst most dogs hate having their nails trimmed, it is essential that it is done, for many reasons.  A dog’s nail consists of the living pink quick, which contains nerves,  and the hard outer shell. The quick supplies blood to […]

Slippery Floors And Dogs

Dogs and slippery floors can be a recipe for disaster. I have one little poodle that I groom who loves to run and slide on the slippery floors, unfortunately he often injures himself doing so. Grooming always includes an underfoot shave, which not only prevents painful matting between the pads of the foot, but also […]

Dog Poop (And All You Didn’t Want To Know, But Should)

It’s a topic no-one really likes, however your dog’s poop is a pretty good indicator of his/her gut health. A dog’s stool should be firm but not hard and slightly moist. It should leave a damp spot when picked up, but not leave any sticky residue behind. Your dog should need to push, but not […]

Diet Has A Huge Impact On Skin And Hair

Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids have a huge impact on your dog’s skin and hair/fur. A twice per week treat of 2 to 4 tinned sardines (depending on the size of the dog) can be hugely beneficial. Alternatively, you can feed raw or cooked fish. Smaller fish have less heavy metals such as mercury, […]