What we do

We look after your dog, that's what we do

From a simple wash and dry to a full groom, from a de-shed to a breed specific groom, we have all of your dog’s grooming requirements covered.

Choose how you want us to care for your pet!

Day Care

Day Care & Walking

Dogs play in a size and age appropriate, secure area and are fully supervised.

Tug toys, balls & games are all incorporated, along with a walk.

Day care operates from 7:30 am to 5:30 pm Monday to Friday and prices start from $55 a day. Additional dogs $17.50 each.

Day care is included with all grooming services. Add a bath for your dog whilst at day care for a very competitive cost.

For more information, make a preliminary booking or contact us directly.


Weather permitting, all day care dogs will be walked, on leash, at least once per day.

Yes, we require all dogs attending Central Bark Pet Styling to be fully immunised.

Yes, we have several kenneling options for dogs to have a break during the day.

Because she has had a wonderful day playing and is satisfyingly tired, enjoy!